Exceptional and fashionable, the Hyundai Veloster will turn heads with its unique flair and commendable functionality.
Active and Dashing.
The veloster’s driver’s seat is a dynamic space which features advanced and modish components for the true driver in motion.  The inspiration comes from the gripping qualities of a motorbike. The high-gloss black design elements perfects the robust design.
Fearless at Every Turn.
It’s low to the ground, with wide-apart wheels, a hexagonal grille and a headlamp design that oozes a modernistic style. Trademark touches of the stylish rear include unique rear lamps and a centered twin tip exhaust tipped in chrome.

Improved Safety Measures

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) determines the brake pressure and engine output, to bring the car safely under control and slow you down safely.

Optimum Performance

The Veloster Turbo’s engine delivers reduced fuel consumption and frugal emissions. The engine is built from solid aluminum blocks and feature ladder frame construction, for less weight with more strength.

Further Comfort & Convenience

Dual-cylindered like the twin pipes of a motorbike exhaust, the speedy, outdoor references follow through to the cluster.
All New Veloster 1.6 TGDi 7DCT1,798,000

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