The Hyundai Reina is practicality and power rolled into one– easy on the budget, but still packs a punch on the road!

Drive Your Style.

The Reina’s gearbox gives you more choices so that you can drive your car your way.

Fit Just Right.

The Reina’s form may be compact, but passengers are sure to enjoy a comfortable ride– all while easily zipping through the Metro’s traffic.

Improved Safety Measures

The Reina comes equipped with dual airbags and flexible seatbelts, ensuring the protection of you and your passengers.

Optimum Performance

The Reina comes with a 1.4L class-leading power engine at 95 ps for quicker maneuverability.


Further Comfort & Convenience

No more need to worry about tough driving conditions; the Reina Anti-lock Braking System gives you peace of mind and better control on the road.

Reina 1.4 GL 5 M/T648,000
Reina 1.4 GL 4AT698,000
Reina 1.4 GL 5MT (with AVN)678,000
Reina 1.4 GL 4AT (with AVN)728,000

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