The Hyundai H350 makes an impression and is a class on its own, dubbed as a home on four wheels that will have bystanders turning heads for its striking yet elegant fluidic design.

Classy Functionality.

Passengers can enjoy being seated in leather fabric interiors designed for comfort the way all Hyundai vehicles should

The Modern Family Aesthetic.

The H350 is a trendsetter in its class, featuring distinctive blends of Hyundai’s modern family aesthetic to its sophisticated exterior.

Improved Safety Measures

The H350 features front fog lamps that are protectively built in the front tender of the van to ensure maximum visibility and safety even in the foggiest of weather.

Optimum Performance

A 2.5L CRDi diesel engine powers this big beauty, producing 168HP and 422Nm of torque. Power is primarily centered to the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission.


Further Comfort & Convenience

Enjoy a driver-focused H350 that shows off VIP class travel with its spacious cabin and overall simplicity.

H350 DLX2,728,000

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