A reliable partner on the road, the H100’s dynamic performance and heavy-duty strength is everything you need to cater to your business’ needs.
Functional Comfort.
The H100 provides a new level of comfort with its extra seat and shoulder width for added movement. The driver oriented console and car-like instrument cluster allows more control for you. With added storage facilities, the H100 remains a quintessential example of functionality and comfort.
Serviceable Design.
The H100 is more than just what meets the eye. Its elegant design is proven to be more than just looks. It features a wide windscreen, large clear headlights, and clear type front fog and rear lights to make sure business gets done in style and in high profile.

Improved Safety Measures

At 15-inches, disc brakes are amply sized and they are ventilated for fade-free braking. A tandem 8+9 inch booster ensure that the stopping power of the H-100 matches the dynamic performance. A front mounted antiroll bar provides additional reinforcement for confident, precise steering and handling.

Optimum Performance

Tough 100 x 50 mm steel section chassis with double wishbone and torsion bar, front suspension and rear leaf springs, driven by a choice of 2.6 naturally aspirated or 2.5 turbo diesel engines, makes the H100 a supreme performer. Side impact bars, single moulding body panels and a variable cross-section cowl cross member are significant safety features.

Further Comfort & Convenience

Features instruments that are comprehensive, easy to read and fully in vision. High quality information effortlessly and elegantly delivered is a hallmark of the H100.
H100 2.5 CRDI GL 6MT - w/o Front AC (Cab & Chassis)945,000
H100 2.5 CRDI GL 6MT - w/ Front AC (Cab & Chassis)985,000
H100 2.5 CRDI GL 6MT Shuttle Body - with Front AC1,230,000
H100 2.5 CRDI GL 6MT Shuttle Body - DUAL AC1,265,000

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