Chic and compact, the Hyundai EON is what you call mobile comfort in style. Eon takes road traveling to whole new level of convenience.

Efficiency At Its Best.

With dual cup holders, door pockets, and dashboard upper tray to place all your needs, this down-to-earth vehicle could make you easily feel at home.

Style At Every Angle.

Its dynamic character lines and contemporary accents makes this vehicle always relevant where you can never go out of style.

Improved Safety Measures

With a square-shaped radiator support panel, reinforcement on the floor panel and door side impact beams, the Eon’s strong body structure helps counter the force of impact.

Optimum Performance

Enjoy optimum fuel efficiency at all times with the 814cc 
eco-friendly Epsilon engine and unmatched mileage 
of 20.8 km/ℓ via weight reduction and reduced friction loss.


Further Comfort & Convenience

A gauge cluster featuring a futuristic three-barrel design with attractive chrome 
accents offers easy access to vital vehicle information.

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