Accent Sedan

The Hyundai Accent’s form and character is without a doubt, the quintessential sedan for the modern traveler. With its casual vibe, the brazen vehicle is always ready to take on the road.

Designed For You

Designed for the modern driver, the metallic-hued interiors are designed ergonomically that is both practical and pleasing to the eye.

Form That Speaks Volumes.

A gleaming, smooth surface, a bumper with rear reflectors, and wrap around rear lamps completes the flawless look of this modern sedan.

Improved Safety Measures

When braking on wet and slippery roads, any deviation in direction is detected by the ABS sensors. The individual anti-lock brake system then activates to keep your wheels from locking up, prevent skidding and maintain directional control.

Optimum Performance

The engine of the accent is lightweight to enhance fuel economy. A 1.4 MPi D-CVVT engine produces a maximum 100 ps/6,000 rpm while the diesel alternative, a 1.6 CRDi unit, produces a maximum 136 ps/4,000 rpm.


Further Comfort & Convenience

An onboard computer gives you useful driving information such as journey time and distance to empty. It’s also where you’ll find the ECO Drive indicator that helps you drive in a more fuel-efficient, economical way.

Accent 1.4 GL MT w/o SRS790,000
Accent 1.4 GL MT with SRS838,000
Accent 1.4 GL AT w/o SRS838,000
Accent 1.4 GL AT with SRS890,000
Accent 1.6 CRDI GL MT (DSL)910,000
Accent 1.6 CRDI GL AT (DSL)1,038,000

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