Choosing and buying your first car will undoubtedly be a difficult decision to make. But the Hyundai Eon should make it easy for you.

A lot of well-meaning people will want to offer advice on the type of car you should be get, and most of the time it’s the ones who know little about cars that would tell you to take that car just because it’s the cheapest one on the market.

A first car for a new driver should be affordable, easy to drive, and safe, and which three words better describe none other than the Hyundai Eon?


A common feature first-time car owners will look for in a vehicle is how smooth it is. No one wants a bulky heap of metal for their first car

The Eon is one of Hyundai’s latest entry-level cars. The goal was to make the car light and simple, and Hyundai couldn’t have done a better job than it did with the Eon.

i10 Inspired Design

The car is essentially a remodel of the i10. Hyundai has taken off 50mm from the car’s roof, sides, and edges. This ensures the car has precisely what space you need and no more than that.

The Hyundai Eon is a compact 5-door vehicle sporting a very sleek design. Everything about the car is noticeably smaller and lighter. It’s because the main selling point of the car is the reduced weight.

The car exterior is covered by sheet metal. And the interiors are based off Hyundai’s luxury designs. Its dual tone makes it appealing to the eye. The plush interiors that ultimately the car is only designed to look more expensive than it actually is.


Spacious Interiors

The elbow room and legroom in a car that is as compact as the Eon. In addition, the quality of the car’s interior fit and finish surpasses those of a higher price range.

The Hyundai Eon features power windows, outlets, a stereo, and an all-new entertainment system. Although one of its more defining features would be the temperature gauge – something that isn’t even readily available to cars that are double the Eon’s asking price.

Child Safety Features

One safety feature that parents with young children will surely love about this car is the child safety rear door lock. After all, young kids these days are smarter. They know how to do things that normally they wouldn’t have been able to do 10 years ago.

The Eon’s child safety features provide parents the added reassurance of security that their children will be safe and sound in their new car.

Despite being lighter than other cars, the Eon has reinforced body strength. The upper body has been redesigned to distribute impact force effectively.

Another reason that it makes such a perfect car for first-time car owners is the way this car is smooth and easy to drive.


Excellent Hyundai Eon Mileage

From an economic standpoint, it’s also very practical. The Eon doesn’t take up a lot of gas. A full tank can even expect to get you from Manila to Baguio and back again to Manila.

There is only con that’s really worth considering in this car. The Hyundai Eon isn’t built for speeding or high-speed chases along the highway.

The Eon is a simple, sleek, and practical vehicle that is really best suited for the first-timers. It’s a quality vehicle without having to break the bank.

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